Between the Worlds Candle

Between the Worlds Candle

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Between the Worlds is a top-favorite scent. It has notes of vanilla flower, berries, and sandalwood.

*This is a complex fragrance, so you will pick up on many different fragrance notes blended together.

9 oz candle in handmade concrete vessel.
*Vessels may have slight cosmetic imperfections, as they are handmade.

The Trickery of Time

There is a place, Between The Worlds, where a-million-and-ten dreams grow. They cover the ground like mushrooms, but when you accidentally stumble upon this place, you suddenly feel like you are in an entire field of lucky four-leaf clovers.

You get to pick one, you know.

You’re allowed to browse them all, take all the time you want. Just remember though, time is a funny thing.

Time likes to trick people, of course. It’s a trouble-maker of the worst kind. What then, does one do in that place Between The Worlds, to beat time at its own game and also to find the ONE-in-a-million dream that is growing just for you?

Some simply choose the nearest dream, pluck it right out of the ground and run with it, and hopefully they like it once they get home and see what it is. Many who do this discover they like the dream they picked, but it feels “less than” somehow. Like it wasn’t quite right, but they aren’t sure how to get back to choose another. They ran so fast, they aren’t actually certain of which road they travelled.

Others wander into the game of time, and browse aimlessly to look at all the interesting things along the way. Often, when that happens, it leads to one forgotting the song of their own heart and the value of the dream they used to watch for. They become so busy looking at the sky, that they never notice what they most wanted was right there in front of them, asking to be chosen. And so they pass it by.

There is another way though. It requires this: You must request an appointment with time. This isn’t as difficult as it sounds, so long as you request it straight away once you find yourself Between The Worlds.

When you arrive to the appointment and you see the table before you, you must not sit and dine and talk with time until you first share your song. It’s ok to create it right there, in the appointment. In fact, it is preferred to choose this moment, every moment, to create. After all, it is these moments stacked upon other moments that create depth in the music. You must write your song, compose your notes and play your music. You must feel all of what you create, and know who you create it for. For only when Time is captivated, will it silence its trickery and show you which path to take.

When Time stands up, and points your song in the direction of the dream it is matched with, you must thank it. For Time was never against you. It likes to play its games, but only until it knows that YOU know who you are.

And here is the next thing. When you find your dream, please don’t actually pluck it from the dirt it grows in and shelter it within your hands. I think when you arrive you will find - that your song, which arrived before you did, nourished the dream so completely that the dream grew tall and was given a door. Only you will know what’s in there.

From here, you have 2 more choices. You can open the door and enter. Many would choose this as it seems obvious. But I hope you remember in that moment, that your song created that door and grew that dream, so if you choose, it could become you and you could become it. You could open the door for OTHERS, and let them bypass time with you, in that place between the worlds.

~by Jasmine Sterner @ 7th Window