Who I Work With

For nearly everything in life, there’s a “suggestion box” of how to do it correctly.
And then there’s the way YOU would do it if no one told you how you SHOULD.
➡️ There are people who can never seem to do things the “right” way. The way they are supposed to.
They’re the “black sheep” and the ones who disappoint the rule makers. They’re good people, they just don’t “fit” - they have their own ideas and they like them.
They are the creatives.
➡️ They never quite fit into boxes because they always have an edge they won’t give up, and they refuse to shape it into something it’s not. They wouldn’t even know how to.
AND they are happy.
I almost GUARANTEE you are this way, because these are the types of people I ALWAYS attract. It’s not because I “look like” this type of person and it’s not that I’m interesting, it’s because I remind people who they are.
I let people have their edges.
You know what else I see a lot?
So many of these people, my favorite kind of people, look at others and think,
“I should be more like that”
and it’s always about qualities everyone SHOULD HAVE such as thoughtfulness, kindness, ambition, etc etc.
They work on themselves, as we should. But after a bit of time they are in a constant confusion. They feel lost. Nothing works out anymore. They have no idea what to do next. They recognize something’s off, but they can’t figure out why.
Their language is filled with: “I know in order to get *there* I have to do *this* but it’s not working and I can’t figure out why.”
They start to describe who they are with apology. They say, “I am ____ but I’m working on it.” Sometimes they audibly cringe. I hear it across phone calls, hundreds and thousands of miles away from them.
And the life, the spark, drains right out of their soul. They begin to feel like they don’t know how to do anything anymore.
They’re not broken. They’re not usually off track either.
Here is what ACTUALLY happened -
➡️ It always comes back to this: They forgot their edges. They focused on becoming something better and they unintentionally silenced the core of their being.
I remind people who they are. I’ll remind you too if you need it ❤️
If this resonates with you, I would love to work with you in any of the containers I currently offer. 
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