Intro Rate for Clarity & General Life Coaching

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***Clarity and General Life Coaching available on a month-to-month basis. This includes in-depth conversations, weekly check-ins, and all-access conversation for the entire month. 
I help people navigate things that are going on in their lives and show them a different perspective. I hold the open space for you to pour out all the conflicting thoughts, questions, and feelings you have. We zero in on what’s beneath the surface. We look at possibilities. We figure out what’s important and what’s not. We rearrange. 

Family and friends have been reaching out to me for advice and guidance for as long as I can remember. I recently chose to go deeper and refine my process so my coaching could be offered as a service to others.

On the recommendation of another coach, I ASKED people what they FELT after our conversations and this is the feedback I received:

They feel more optimistic, less tangled up inside

That I have a demeanor that is very reassuring & non-judgemental

That I offer a different perspective in a loving and respectful way that leaves people with dignity

That they get a sense of peacefulness just by being around me, even during the times they knew I was going through my own stuff

One person said that if she had to choose an animal I remind her of, it would be a doe standing in the mountains - serene and peaceful

They feel encouraged

That I help them see things differently/more clearly 

That they usually feel more confident or peaceful after our talks 


If you want to be personally coached, get on Voxer (it’s a free app and can also be used on desktop), find my username 7thwindow, and send me a message telling me you’re interested in my program. Introduce yourself and let’s talk! ❤️