The Storm

A couple of years ago, I ended up in the most beautiful conversation with a customer who had lost everything in a hurricane and almost lost her life. She purchased “Stronger than the Storm” bracelets for herself and a friend. In our conversations she something to the effect of, “Through Christ I AM stronger than the storm,” and the quote on the bracelet suddenly had so much more meaning.
One thing I love about making this jewelry, is that there are so many heart stories behind WHY people order the items they do.

Said the storm clouds to the sunshine, “You think you can stay bright, but watch me. I will wield as a weapon the most powerful display you have ever seen. I will crash thunder and pierce the earth with lightning. Forge winds so strong you will fall upon your face. The sky will darken as I rule over it. I will smother every last beam of your light as far as the eye can see. You cannot ignore my power.”

The sun refused to be intimidated, and continued to shine warmly on the earth until the storm moved in. And move in it did, with a vengeance. The storm gathered up the forceful winds, angrily pouring water on its path, throwing lightning bolts every direction it could think of.

Still, the sun did not go away, for this world was hers, and she was steady.

Instead, she closed her eyes, letting the sky darken as she did. And she listened. She let the chaos fall around her. She breathed in the scent of the rain. For though the storm raged its power against the earth, it had no appreciation. It did not know that rain makes the earth alive, or that lightning sparked inventions of its own. The storm did not know that the winds cooled the ground. The hateful raging of the storm could never have the final word, no matter how it tried.

For when she opened her eyes and the sun rays peeked through, they bounced across the falling raindrops. They glowed behind the clouds, highlighting the edges. The light shone upon the distant falling water until the darkness had no choice but to speak all the colors of the sun.

As the storm settled, the sun glowed on the newly turned earth. People lowered their umbrellas and shook out the rain, tucking them away for next time. Storms can’t live forever. And the sun, she kept blinking down love on her world as the world smiled back at her. That was her power and she would forever share it as far as she could reach...warming the earth, shining for the moon, resting in lieu of the stars. This was her world, her life, and she loved it.

~ written by Jasmine Sterner @ 7th Window

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