The Queen

Story ➡️
In a dimly lit room, a queen stood regal in front of her throne. She unrolled the parchment in her hands. It glowed with the brightness of a single stream of sunlight. She had written the words, and today was the day they became truth as she spoke. She felt the phrases, the words and the spaces, swirling up to BECOME. Like a song never before sung. She was excited to deliver this. It had the power to change everything, but even she didn’t know how much, until it was spoken to life. And so she began...

“Today, I come before you with a promise that has been waiting at the edge of the kingdom, waiting until you could allow the words to fall on you with grace. I know the long hours you’ve toiled and I promise your work has not been in vain. Each day you have fought for what’s right, to make this land a place worth living in. It’s always been you - the fighter, the warrior, the healer, the provider, the protector. Today, you are all those things and so much more. This is the day everything changes. The battle has been fought and won on your behalf. Fear was your constant companion, but it is no more.
You are free to take your own path home, to your family and your future. You are FREE. I know you will set stones to rebuild which are far better than any you could lay while you were simply a warrior. The battle had its purpose, but tomorrow has a better purpose still. And today… Today is for celebrating.

This is my declaration to you, to be bound upon your heart from now until the end of time:

You are no longer required to seek permission or beg for scraps. Instead, take all of that energy and the words you would have used and knit it together into something new, tying in threads of hopes and dreams. Create, and build, and love, and see how it resembles the tapestry you’ve always seen in the deepest place of your soul. You are no longer captive in this space. No longer held by the walls that surround you. You are encouraged to step out and follow the winding pathways, navigate the tangles of your own creation, and stand in the eye of the storm if that’s what you choose. For only when you live life in this way, can you give the world the best of you. For that is your only requirement, your true give this world the best of you.”

Her words grew louder, echoing through the great hall. She could feel the power, taste the freedom, see the future, and sense the excitement. She heard the words bouncing and repeating, reaching every corner. Falling entirely on the ears of the one - the ONE, who needed to hear it. For there was only one whom the words were meant for. The queen herself.

For how could a queen ever rule, if she felt bound and suffocated? If she felt strung along by survival, always fighting the same battles she did the day before? Instead, she had chosen to fight the war differently that day, and she had won. And because she was free and powerful and she stood a little taller than she did the day before, she granted herself all that which no one else could grant for her. And she realized the scope of that outcome. She saw how far it reached.

As she stood in that empty room, she knew in that moment…she knew she could give ALL OF THIS to her world. The peace, the hope, the freedom. Purpose, and the chaotic beauty of the untamed land. For she had fought hard for it, and won. It was done.

She dropped the scroll, and it melted into the stones beneath her, as her words became one with the world.
And so it was, forever and always, as she stepped out into the daylight, to navigate this world by her own rules which she had written in parchment that day.

~written by Jasmine Sterner, 7th Window Co

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