Blank Walls

Story ➡️ She was called to paint the walls. When she arrived, she was handed a paintbrush of multiple colors, but the colors weren’t in the paint, only within the brush. The paint was made instead from words and emotions. She looked at the words. Each word contained pictures, growing more elaborate the longer one looks at it. The emotions were primary colors of love, trust and creativity. When she dipped the colorful paintbrush and swirled together the emotions, they became multidimensional and rich… as primary colors become new when mixed in different ways. Love contains excitement and joy, sometimes lined with sadness, but it is always guaranteed to dust out corners and bring life where aliveness was most unexpected. This is why it is the brightest, most beautiful color we are given, and why it is our favorite to mix into each layer of our life. Trust is often brushed next to fear, but it is the loudest of the colors, shouting at us to open our eyes because if we do, we will see the swirls of hope that overshadow the fear. Fear, after all, IS just a shadow. It’s there to add dimension, but fear was never the main shape. Trust boldly claims the spotlight and requests that we step back to see the image that’s being created, rather than standing so close that our vision is consumed with the shadow that was simply painted at eye level. Creativity becomes - somehow BECOMES - more undefined the longer you try to define it. When unleashed it becomes a different story for each person who witnesses it. The painter then looked at the words, and added them to her mixed paint. Dipping the paintbrush once more, she then brushed a single stroke on the blank wall to see what it would become. She was concerned at first that all the colors of the paintbrush itself would be lost within the paint. After all, she had mixed words and emotions but they hadn’t contained the color she first saw in the paintbrush. She found though, that the brush stroke glimmered with a life of its own, all the colors of the paintbrush plus the mix she had created herself. There were entire stories contained within that single brush stroke. “What shall I make of this?” She asked the one who hired her. “Make it yours. Start here. Cover the walls and make it yours.” ~written by Jasmine Sterner @ 7th Window Co

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